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Fair and Honestly Priced Air Quality Services in Hillsboro

If you're not happy with your Hillsboro home's indoor air quality, Four Seasons has the right product selection and professional service to keep your air fresh and clean. We're happy to stop by your home, examine its layout and recommend a high-quality air purification or filtration system customized to your needs. With innovative products and easy financing options, we guarantee performance you can trust. Our NATE-certified air quality experts can even install a smart thermostat that keeps your home comfortable with minimal need for adjustments. Work with us and you'll see why Four Seasons' air quality services leave Hillsboro customers satisfied time and time again.

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Our Air Quality Services in Hillsboro


Your comfort is 100% guaranteed when you purchase a new thermostat for your Hillsboro home. Our knowledgeable technicians can explain the differences in cost, performance, and features of various models. We always give you options, but we never pressure you into making a choice that isn't right for you. When it's time for your installation, you can expect one of our white service vans to arrive within the two-hour appointment window. Once everything is set up, we'll run a series of tests to make sure everything is working correctly!

Air Filters

You can count on us for fast, professional air filter installation anywhere in Hillsboro. Whether you call us or schedule an appointment online, we can help you find the air filter that's right for you. Our high-performance air cleaners are compatible with most warm air furnaces and AC systems. Expect your installation to be quick, with the vast majority completed within an hour. After we're done, we run a series of tests to make sure your system works perfectly!

Air Purifiers

Hillsboro has plenty of fresh air to breathe, but clean indoor air is important for your health — especially if you spend more time inside your home than outside. Our cutting-edge in-duct air purifiers are designed to clean up every cubic inch of air that passes through your central AC's ductwork. We typically complete air purifier installations in an hour, so it won't be long before you experience reduced odors and airborne contaminants. Need replacement parts or additional service? All our installations are backed by comprehensive parts and labor warranties.

Customer Story in Hillsboro, Oregon

Better Heating and Air Quality Left This Hillsboro Customer Happy


Heather had been dealing with inconsistent heating in her home for months, and it was also affecting her indoor air quality. Despite her efforts to maintain her furnace, it was clear a replacement was necessary. After researching several companies in Hillsboro, Heather chose to contact Four Seasons. She scheduled the furnace replacement to address both her heating and air quality issues. Our polite and friendly representative, Amy, answered all of Heather's questions about air purifiers and offered a special promotion that would save her money on the installation.


Stephen, Mike and Tim arrived at Heather's residence at the scheduled time and were ready to get to work. They efficiently replaced her old furnace to address the heating concerns and installed an air scrubber to improve indoor air quality. Once they finished, they answered her questions and provided clear instructions on operating the new furnace and thermostat. Before leaving, they diligently tested and verified that all equipment was working perfectly. Heather expressed her gratitude for the exceptional service from our whole team, including the professionalism and helpful assistance offered by Amy in the office. Now a loyal customer, she gladly recommends Four Seasons' services. Thanks for choosing us, Heather!

"I really appreciated the guys' professionalism and highly recommend!"

"Stephen, Mike and Tim replaced my furnace and installed an air scrubber, they were all super friendly, respectful, helpful and cleaned up after themselves. They were helpful walking me thru how to use my new thermostat and making sure I understood everything — I really appreciated the guys' professionalism and highly recommend! Also, in their office, Amy was very helpful in answering my questions about air purifiers and even went above and beyond to help me save money sharing a promotion with me."

- Heather D. | Hillsboro, OR Homeowner

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