HVAC Systems for Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Like in traditional single-family homes, manufactured and mobile homeowners often rely on HVAC systems to maintain their preferred interior climate and improve air quality. However, installing one of these systems requires some additional preparation and forethought to take advantage of the incredible efficiency these units bring to the table. Manufactured home HVAC systems are created in a variety of different configurations to match the range of potential found in these homes.

If you're in the market for a new HVAC system for your manufactured or mobile home, review the following considerations to ensure you purchase something that matches your family's needs and is designed to fit within the spaces created for the installation.

  • Understanding the unique challenges
  • Choosing the right HVAC system
  • Energy efficiency best practices

HVAC systems for manufactured and mobile homes have the potential to take efficiency to the next level, so remember to set your system up for success to reap the savings on your energy bills.

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Understanding the Unique Challenges

Mobile and manufactured homes aren't just smaller than most traditional single-family houses; they include additional factors to go over before you even bring your HVAC system through the door.

Size and Layout

First, check the layout of your manufactured home and get an approximation of the square footage your new system will need to heat and cool. Many manufactured homes have a built-in space for an HVAC system, so identify where that is and note the space available to place your units. Also, check to see if there is ductwork already in place.

Insulation and Sealing

Check your insulation's efficiency and your windows to ensure they are all sealed properly to eliminate drafts. If you feel hot or cold air coming through the glass, this will be an escape point for the hot and cold air that comes from your system.

Choosing the Right HVAC System

Now that you're armed with the foundational information you need, it's time to pick the right HVAC system.

Ductless Mini-Split System

This option is perfect for homes without pre-installed ducts and gives you greater flexibility in interior placement. Meant to be mounted on the wall, this option can also be considered when adding a little help to an existing HVAC system that you aren't ready to replace.

High-Efficiency Heat Pump

A high-efficiency heat pump is a very small unit that can blow a significant amount of warm air when needed. Due to the smaller size of the manufactured home, this little space saver does the job without taking over your home.

Proper Sizing and Load Calculation

Ensure the system you choose is powerful enough to handle the air in all the rooms you want to cover. Determine your load calculation for accuracy.

Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Manufactured home HVAC systems are already built to be efficient, but there are some changes you can make in your home to maximize this benefit.

Upgrade Insulation

Insulation in manufactured homes is notoriously lower quality, especially in older models, so consider upgrading it to support your new, efficient HVAC system.

Address Air Leaks

If you feel any drafts within your mobile home, take the time to find the source and seal them. This will save you money and prevent your HVAC system from working unnecessarily hard.

Install Energy-Efficiency Windows

Windows that let in the cold and heat from outside will undermine your HVAC system's efforts. Consider replacing them with energy-efficient windows to preserve the temperature you set.

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

Don't forget to schedule your routine maintenance. HVAC systems made for mobile homes require a similar investment for installation, so take care of it throughout the year to prevent malfunctions.

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