Thermostat AUTO vs ON: What’s the difference between the settings?

Have you looked at your thermostat and wondered what the difference is between AUTO and ON? Does one over the other matter?

It does! Setting your thermostat to AUTO 24/7 is an easy way to save money—especially in the summer.


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Differences between AUTO and ON

AUTO and ON are two settings on your thermostat that control your AC blower fan. The blower fan is responsible for pulling warm air from your home into your AC system so that the air can be cooled. Then the fan redistributes the cooled air throughout your home.

When your AC is on AUTO … the fan only works when your AC is cooling the air. Your AC doesn’t cool your air all the time; it cycles to hit your desired temperature then shuts off. Once your AC cycles off, the fan shuts off.

This is the best option for cooling your home. A benefit for keeping your AC on AUTO is saving energy. Since the fan is only running when there’s a need, less energy is wasted, saving you money on your energy bills.

Not only does AUTO save you money, but it also extends your AC's lifespan since the fan isn't running nonstop.

When your AC is ON … the fan runs all the time, even if the air has not been cooled by your AC system. We suggest not using the ON setting.

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