Bradford White High Efficiency Electric Water Heater repair installed by Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC Contractors in Beaverton Hillsboro Newberg McMinnville Gresham Portland Oregon City Milwaukie Tualatin Woodburn Wilsonville Oregon ORWater Heaters – Repair & Maintenance

The experts at Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning are trained in water heater service. A water heater is a home’s most important appliance; since it is responsible for all the hot water in the house, it makes sense to practice proper maintenance procedures so that problems are prevented. With proper service and maintenance your water heater unit will last as long as possible. When water heater repairs are necessary, it is best to call the professionals who can solve the issues fast and effectively.

Professional Water Heater Repair

When a house is suddenly without hot water, it is essential to call Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning. This locally owned company always delivers dependable water heater service. One of the most common problems that interrupts the flow of hot water is mineral buildup. A skilled technician will recognize the quandary and recommend the best course of action. Simple water heater repairs will fix most issues. However, if a unit is standing in a large puddle of water, or other majors problems are revealed, it may be time for a replacement.

Water Heater Replacement and Installation

When a homeowner decides to upgrade or replace a unit, Four Seasons offers a variety of quality products. A customer can choose between traditional, heat pump, or tankless units. Traditional water heaters include large tanks that hold between 20 and 100 gallons of heated water. On demand, tankless systems heat cold water with the help of gas or electricity as it passes through the units. They take up much less space than traditional heaters and are extremely energy efficient. They can help save homeowners up to 30 percent on utility bills but come with higher up-front prices. Hybrid heat pump appliances warm water through a pump that pulls in air from the outside and extracts available heat. The knowledgeable staff at Four Seasons will explain the differences between all units and recommend the appropriate system to fit individual needs.

Water heaters work constantly to heat and distribute water through the faucets, washing machine, and shower. Like any other appliance, it may require water heater repairs or maintenance. Many times, a technician can easily troubleshoot problems by replacing a thermostat or draining the unit. When the device outlives its usefulness, it may be time to consider a replacement. Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning always provides top water heater service. This company makes it simple to install, maintain, and repair these units so that homes never run out of hot water.