Tune Ups

How long has it been since your HVAC unit was serviced?

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Regularly scheduled tune-ups of your furnace, heat pump, air conditioner or ductless heat pump system ensure that it runs at optimum efficiency.

It also provides important benefits including Extension of Equipment Life, Reduction of Monthly Energy Expenses, Performance Maximization and Identification of Potential Problems.

Benefits of a Tune-Up include:
  • Extended Equipment Life — Safeguard your investment with regular maintenance
  • Reduce Monthly Energy Costs — Properly maintained equipment operates more efficiently
  • Maximize Performance — Tune-ups can reveal potential problems

'All Four Seasons products — including tune-up and repair services — are backed by a satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with our services, we will give you a full refund!
We provide three different types of tune-ups, depending on the type of HVAC system you have:
  • Gas Furnace 21-point tune-up
  • Heat pump or AC 18-point tune-up
  • Ductless heat pump 18-point tune-up

Coleman Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace Tune-up

Keeping your home warm in the winter means comfort for your family. At Four Seasons, your comfort is our goal. Be sure to schedule a tune-up for your gas furnace before the first cold-snap comes to Oregon. Click Learn More below to find out about our 21-point gas furnace tune-up!
Coleman Heat Pump Unit

Heat Pump or A/C Tune-Up

From the ice-cold winters to the brutally hot summers, staying comfortable in Oregon’s weather can be hard. Let Four Seasons help make it easy to stay comfortable in your home no matter the weather. Click Learn More below to find out more about our 18-point heat-pump and A/C tune-ups.
Daikin Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless Heat Pump Tune-up

With all of the benefits of ductless heat-pumps, tune-ups are an important part of making sure the system runs smoothly. In the long run, your family, your home and your wallet will thank you. Click Learn More below to read about our 18-point ductless heat pump tune-ups.

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Susanne Marchant

October, 2018

Four Seasons recently quoted us for a new zoned heating/cooling system at our new home, and we have been thrilled with the process from start to finish. Their quote was extremely competitive (their financing options are the best I've seen as well) and their sales staff was incredibly friendly - they were actually training a new person and I was impressed with both of them and how they were handling it. The scheduling process was easy and the dates we were given were reasonable and easy to work with....

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Lee Elyea

This company is AWESOME! I had a 43 year old furnace that was trying to kill me... I called Four Seasons and they came right out.and figured out what I needed. The following week my new furnace was installed by the best service tech ever!! Everyone explained the product, why I needed the system I got and the steps to installation and how it works!! I feel very safe knowing I have a great system and an awesome company to call if I have questions or need service. I will recommend Four Seasons to EVERYONE I know that is looking for a new heat and cooling system. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING FOUR SEASONS!! Shout out to Ed, Luke and Stephen!! You're the best!!

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Tamra Jo

The office & technicians were great! Reliable & on time service. Stephen & Brant did a superb job & took the installation mess away with them too. Considerate & knowledgable Team.

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