Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program

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If you want to upgrade your Oregon rental home’s HVAC system, be aware that the state has a rebate program that can help you and your tenants save money. The Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program pays ODOE-approved contractors, such as Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating, to install a heat pump in your rental home. Then we deduct the amount from your bill so you don’t have to wait for payment. Read on to learn more about this program, plus other ways to save on heat pump installations in Oregon.

  • What Is the Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program?
  • How much will I receive in a rebate?
  • How do I receive a heat pump rebate?
  • Other ways to save on heat pump installations

Do you want to save money on Oregon heat pump installations?

Discover state and federal rebates available for heat pump installation for rental homeowners. As an ODOE-approved contractor, we help landlords upgrade their properties with the Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program.

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What Is the Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program?

To speed up the transition to using green energy in Oregon, the state offers a heat pump rebate program that helps landlords equip their properties with energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Owners of rental properties request heat pump installation from ODOE-approved contractors, who subtract the rebate from the landlord’s invoice. This program covers heat pump installations and the electrical upgrades necessary for the safe operation of the units.

This heat pump installation rebate program also equalizes access to air conditioning and heating by providing incentives for landlords to upgrade their heating and cooling systems. Various types of rental properties apply for this heat pump installation rebate, including rented rooms, apartments, houses, manufactured homes, and recreational vehicles, helping low- to moderate-income tenants save money on energy costs while boosting home comfort levels.

How Much Will I Receive in a Rebate?

How much landlords receive in a rebate depends on the income level of their tenants and the efficiency level of the heat pump. For example, if your tenants sit above the threshold of what’s considered low to moderate income, you receive $2,000 for a standard-efficiency unit and $3,000 for a high-efficiency alternative. If, however, your tenants have low to moderate income, those rebates jump to $4,000 and $5,000, respectively. Remember that rebates can’t go over 60% of the heat pump cost plus installation.

Manufactured homes and recreational vehicles are also eligible for rebates, covering 80% of the heat pump and installation cost. When residential tenants exceed the income threshold, landlords can receive $2,000 for standard-efficiency heat pumps and $4,000 for high-efficiency models. If tenants reside in a manufactured home or recreational vehicle and meet low- to moderate-income level requirements, owners of those rental properties can get $5,000 for standard units and $7,000 for high-efficiency heat pumps.

Upgrades to systems that modernize the dwelling enough to handle the new heat pump also qualify for rebates. For instance, if you upgrade electrical systems, you can get a rebate of up to 100% of the costs. This means a rebate of up to $4,000 for low- to moderate-income tenants and $2,000 for non-LMI tenants.

How Do I Receive a Heat Pump Rebate?

Rebates from the Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program are paid directly to ODOE-approved contractors such as Four Seasons Air Conditioning & Cooling when they install your unit. This means you don’t have to pay upfront for installation or wait for a rebate payment — the contractor simply deducts the rebate amount from your installation costs.

  • Your rental property can qualify for this program in one of several ways, including:
  • Your tenants qualify for certain Oregon Housing and Community Services programs
  • Your tenants qualify for certain Oregon Department of Human Services or Oregon Health Authority programs
  • Your tenants prove qualifying household income via Oregon Department of Revenue tax transcripts
  • Landlords prove the property participates in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Keep in mind that the contractor must submit and receive approval for the program before starting the installation to get the rebate. Additionally, the systems installed must meet or exceed federal efficiency regulations and minimums to qualify for the program.

Other Ways to Save on Heat Pump Installations

Thanks to local and federal programs, there are other ways to save on heat pump installations in Oregon. For instance, homeowners in Portland can receive a $500 cash incentive for installing a ductless heat pump system plus $250 more for heat pump controls through certain energy providers. The federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit program provides 26% rebates to homeowners installing heat pumps before January 2024, and the Department of Energy offers rebates of up to $14,000 for certain upgrades via the High-Efficiency Electric Homes Rebate Act.

Many of these rebates and incentives stack together, helping you save money when you want to upgrade your Oregon rental property. To discover how you can maximize savings, contact Four Seasons to schedule an estimate for heat pump installation with fair, honest pricing every time.

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