How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Ductless Heat Pump in Portland?

The cost to repair a ductless heat pump in the Portland area costs between$89 to $3,000, with an average of about $250.

If you’re surprised by the price range, we don’t blame you. But we’d certainly blame ourselves if we didn’t clear up why these repairs vary in cost so much.

The price difference comes down to three cost factors:

  • The type of repair and the replacement parts required
  • The age of the system and the system’s warranty status
  • The company you hire to make the repairs

We’ll take a look at these three cost factors in more detail in this article.

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Price Factor #1: The Type of Repair and the Parts Required

A ductless heat pump could have any number of issues causing it to malfunction. More difficult repairs that require more expensive parts will increase the total price of the repair.

Some of the most common ductless heat pump problems include:

  • Leaking refrigerant lines
  • Broken capacitors
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Quick-fix electrical issues

Most of the above repairs tend to cost between $100 - $400, although the price can go higher depending on the circumstances.

More expensive repairs tend to fall into three categories: higher-priced replacement parts, damage to the home and multiple broken units.

  • Higher priced replacement parts: Compressors and blower motors are some of the more expensive parts to replace. Compressor replacements can creep up to nearly $1,000, while blower motors, while also expensive, won’t go much beyond $700.
  • Damage to the home: Some of the most expensive repairs involve damage to the home itself. It’s possible for an indoor unit to leak into the wall for a prolonged period of time. If left for too long, that leak could weaken the wall itself, causing the entire indoor unit to fall (and leaving a giant hole in your wall to boot). Don’t worry, this is pretty rare. But it’s always good to check the walls behind your indoor units now and then.
  • Multiple broken units: This one’s self-explanatory. If more than one indoor unit (or your outdoor unit) is broken, then the repair cost will go up.

Price Factor #2: The Age of the Unit and the Unit’s Warranty Status

The older the unit, the more it costs to repair it. And after enough expensive repairs, it becomes financially practical to install a brand new ductless heat pump system.

But let’s say you don’t need to install a new system just yet. In that case, you’ll encounter two age-related cost factors, including:

  1. Multiple failing parts and systems: The older the system, the more likely it is that multiple parts will need to be replaced. Even worse: as the system ages, it pushes its parts harder than before. That means even new replacement parts won’t last as long as they would in a brand new system.
  2. The warranty no longer covers the cost of repairs: A ductless heat pump with a voided or expired warranty means the homeowner will pay the full cost of the parts and services required to fix it.

Price Factor #3: The Company You Hire to Make the Repairs

Companies that have been in business for longer tend to charge more because of the value they add to each repair job. Experience equates to better repairs, which actually saves customers money in the long run.

Low-quality technicians, meanwhile, can rush repair jobs or worse, give you bad advice about replacing your ductless heat pump when you really don’t need to replace it at all.

You shouldn’t simply trust a company that says it’s “experienced” of course. Instead, you should look for HVAC companies that:

  • Have been in business for 10 or more years
  • Are PGE certified
  • Are a certified Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally
  • Have testimonials specific to ductless heat pumps
  • Are licensed and insured in the state of Oregon (make sure you can find a licensing number on the company’s website. Ours is found in our website’s footer, for example.)
  • Have labor warranties of at least 1 year
  • Have a good reputation in the Portland area

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