Which HSPF2 Rating is Best for Heat Pumps in Portland?

If you're in the market for a new furnace or boiler in Portland, you should brush up on your knowledge of how these systems perform. HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) ratings measure the efficiency of your heating system and its ability to heat your home comfortably. HSPF2 is the newest type of rating system that expands on the basic HSPF scale.

Generally, higher rating numbers mean you'll pay more for the unit at installation, but it'll be more energy efficient when you turn on the heat, saving you on your utility bills. Many factors can impact your savings, but you'll want to know more about how the rating system works and its actual impact before you select a new system.

This article takes a look at the following:

  • Difference between HSPF and HSPF2 ratings
  • Minimum HSPF2 heat pump ratings in Oregon
  • Are the energy savings from a high-HSPF2 heat pump worth it?
  • What other benefits does a high-HSPF2 heat pump have?

When you know what to expect, you can better make a cost-conscious decision. We aim to give you all the information you need to get you started.

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Difference Between HSPF and HSPF2 Ratings

Expect to see the HSPF2 rating drop compared to HSPF numbers, but it's important to note that a lower number doesn't mean less efficiency. Originally, HSPF ratings were calculated simply using the total heat output during the cold season and dividing that by the energy it took to generate that output. This system seems pretty straightforward, but it doesn't account for real-world factors that can impact actual efficiency.

The new HSPF2 ratings started in 2023 use harsher testing conditions to generate the final rating numbers. By upping the external static pressure, all HSPF2 ratings will be lower than comparably efficient units rated using HSPF testing. Numbers drop roughly 10%-15% under the new testing method, which increases the external static pressure by a factor of five. This means that a unit rated a 10 on the HSPF scale will have a rating of 8.5 under the new HSPF2 scale. Despite the lower ratings, all HSPF2 heat pumps are more efficient than HSPF systems.

Minimum HSPF2 Heat Pump Ratings in Oregon

One of the biggest reasons you should pay attention to HSPF2 ratings is that there are minimum rating requirements for new heat system installations. A new heat pump installed in Portland must meet these requirements, and older, less efficient units aren't even being manufactured.

So, what are the requirements for Portland homeowners? It depends.

Ducted Heat Pumps Must Be 7.5

The minimum rating for a new HSPF2 ducted heat pump is 7.5. HSPF2 rating standards for heat pumps apply nationally, unlike SEER2 ratings for air conditioners which change based on the region.

Are the Energy Savings From a High-HSPF2 Heat Pump Worth It?

So what HSPF2 rating is best for a heat pump in Portland? And is it worth it to install a high-efficiency option? Maybe!

In Portland, temperatures rarely drop below 25 degrees, so heat pumps offer a highly efficient way of heating your home, regardless of their rating. Even at the minimum rating, a heat pump can transfer up to 300% more energy than it uses to operate versus the 95% of a high-efficiency gas-powered option. Still, choosing the best heat pump requires careful load calculations performed by a professional. Even the highest HSPF2-rated unit won't deliver the expected savings in a home with poor insulation and leaky, poorly placed ducts.

We always recommend starting with the current minimum rating and working our way up from there. When you book a consultation with us, you'll get an estimate for the basic unit that meets the minimum standards. Then, we'll review the factors that could affect your savings and how you can get the most energy efficiency out of your unit.

Portland's weather doesn't have extreme temperature changes, but you still need air conditioning and heating. Therefore, you could see substantial savings from switching to a high-HSPF2 heat pump. Still, any newer heat pump will be an improvement, so it's important to find one that fits your budget and home.

What Other Benefits Does a High-HSPF2 Heat Pump Have?

Heat pumps offer heating and cooling, making them a one-stop shop for home comfort. High-HSPF2 units also tend to have higher SEER2 ratings, including upgrades like smart thermostats and noise reduction technology. Heat pumps also deliver heating and cooling without changing your home's humidity levels, which is excellent for indoor comfort and air quality.

When you can take advantage of programs like HEEHRA HSPF2 heat pump installation rebates, if you qualify, you may find that opting for a higher rating won't cost as much as you might expect.

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