How Much Does a Furnace Repair Cost in Portland?

How Much Does a Furnace Repair Cost in Portland?

The cost to repair a furnace in the Oregon area ranges anywhere from $250 to $3,000.

We know. That’s a wide range. But keep in mind it’s almost impossible to pinpoint an accurate price without having a professional inspect your furnace.

What we can do is walk you through the typical price factors of a furnace repair. This will help you better prepare and budget for the job.

The 4 main factors that affect the price of a furnace repair include:

  1. What’s wrong with the furnace
  2. Accessibility of the furnace
  3. Your furnace warranty
  4. The contractor you choose

We’ll explore each factor in more detail below.


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Price factor #1: What’s wrong with the furnace

This one’s pretty obvious. Whatever is wrong with the furnace dictates the amount of labor that’s required and whether a special part needs to be ordered.

The more labor that’s required, the higher the cost of the job. Additionally, if certain parts need to be ordered, the cost of the job typically increases, as well as the time it will take to complete the repair.

The only way to know for sure is to have a technician assess the system and give you their professional opinion.

Price factor #2: Accessibility of the furnace

If your furnace is harder to access, the cost of the repair typically increases.

An example of a “hard-to-reach” furnace might be a furnace that was installed in a cramped attic (vs one installed in a non-confined space like the basement).

If your furnace is hard to reach, the tech will require more time and labor to complete the repair—which increases the cost of the job.

Price factor #3: Your furnace warranty

Every furnace is sold with 2 types of warranties:

  • Labor warranty, which is backed by the contractor who installed your furnace. The labor warranty covers some (if not all) of the labor costs associated with your repair. Labor warranties typically last 6 months to 1 year from the date the furnace was installed. The length of the labor warranty depends on the contractor
  • Manufacturer's warranty, which is backed by the manufacturer (i.e. Carrier, Lennox, etc). The manufacturer’s warranty covers certain furnace parts that may need to be replaced. Heads up, though—the manufacturer will only cover the cost of replacement parts if those parts are faulty due to manufacturer errors (vs homeowner errors, neglect, etc.).

If one or both of these warranties are valid, you’ll pay substantially less for your repair.

Another thing to keep in mind is that furnace manufacturer warranties are easy to void. For example, your warranty could become void if:

  • You fail to have your furnace serviced (i.e. annual maintenance/tune-up) every year
  • Your furnace isn’t serviced by a licensed and insured technician
  • Your furnace wasn’t registered with the manufacturer within a certain timeframe of the installation (time frame varies per manufacturer)

Not sure if your furnace warranty is valid? To check on the status of your labor warranty, you’ll need to contact the contractor who installed the furnace.

To check on the status of your manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll need to find a local branch of that brand and contact them to see if your warranty is still valid. You’ll need to have your furnace serial and model number on hand, though.

Price factor #4: The contractor you choose

All contractors charge different prices for furnace repairs. Typically, more experienced and skilled contractors charge more than less experienced ones.

That said, stay away from contractors who offer significantly lower repair prices than others. Many times, contractors who offer rock-bottom prices provide sloppy, rushed work. Even worse, they may not even be licensed to do the work in the first place.

Follow these tips to ensure that you choose a quality, licensed contractor:

  • Check that the contractor is licensed and insured in the state of Oregon. As you’re getting quotes, make sure you ask each contractor directly for their “CCB” license. All contractors should have this license number listed on their website. You can further verify that license by performing a “Contractor License Search” via the Construction Contractors’ Board website. For example, Four Seasons’ CCB license is listed at the bottom of our website (see below) for easy verification.
  • Make sure the company has been in business for at least 5-10 years. The bottom line here is that the longer a company has been in business, the more reliable they’ll be in terms of providing labor warranties.
  • Check the contractors’ online reviews for red flags. Does the company have an alarming number of negative reviews? If so, that’s an obvious sign to stay away. But also look for a company that responds regularly to reviews. This is a sign they’re reliable when it comes to customer service and are more likely to respond to you if/when there’s a need.

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