How Much Does It Cost to Have My AC Maintained in Portland?

You probably already know from other homeowners that investing in annual AC maintenance is a good idea because maintenance keeps your AC in tip-top shape.

How much will you have to invest in AC maintenance?

On average, AC maintenance in Portland ranges anywhere from $99 to $179, depending on:

  • How extensive the maintenance checklist is
  • Whether the service is one-time or part of a maintenance plan
  • The HVAC contractor you choose

Below, let’s look at these cost factors so you can get a better understanding of how much your AC maintenance might cost. But, first, let’s discuss why it’s a good idea to invest in annual AC maintenance.


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Why should I pay for annual maintenance?

AC maintenance can provide some serious benefits for your buck, including:

  • Reducing your energy bills: When your AC is performing optimally, it will be more efficient, which can reduce your monthly energy bills.
  • Saving you money on expensive repairs/replacements: When a professional services your AC regularly, they typically catch small things before the issues snowball into large, pricey repairs or replacements. AC maintenance will pay off in the long run.
  • Keeping your manufacturer’s warranty valid: Speaking of expensive repairs/replacements, manufacturer’s warranties will only help out with those costs if you keep your AC professionally maintained at least once a year.
  • Giving you peace of mind: Having your AC professionally serviced is similar to getting your car engine checked regularly to prevent breakdowns. Regular AC maintenance means you don’t have to worry about your AC breaking down on you during the hot summer months.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of maintenance, let’s look at the factors that go into the cost of AC maintenance.

Cost Factor #1: How extensive the maintenance checklist is

Usually, if a contractor checks multiple components during the maintenance service, they will charge more.

However, don’t let that deter you. If you’re going to invest in AC maintenance, you should get the best tune-up available.

So, what does a typical maintenance visit involve? Below we’ve listed the bare minimum an HVAC technician should do during a maintenance visit, according to Portland General Electric.

  • Clean & adjust blower motor
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Check defrost initiate/terminate
  • Tighten electrical connection
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Clean equipment cabinet
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Inspect contactor and relays
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Clean drain pan and cabinet
  • Monitor refrigerant pressures
  • Check start/run amp draw
  • Test safety and limits
  • Clean fan blades

When you look for an HVAC contractor, we recommend looking for one who will do at least the above during the maintenance visit. Most HVAC contractors will have a list of everything they do during a tune-up. If they don’t have a checklist, we suggest you find a contractor who will provide you with one.

Cost Factor #2: One-time service vs maintenance plan

While an AC tune-up is probably cheaper than a maintenance plan, a plan can have many benefits that make up for the additional cost.

For example, our AC tune-up is $99 while our annual maintenance plan is $179. However, our maintenance plan has benefits like:

  • 15% off filters & replacement parts
  • Priority scheduling for emergency service calls
  • Pro-active reminders when it's time for maintenance
  • No overtime charges
  • Quick transfer of your maintenance agreement to another home if you move

If you decide you’re going to get your AC serviced annually, our recommendation is to get a maintenance membership. This way, if your AC ever needs repairs, you can reap the cost benefits of being a member (e.g. no overtime charges, discounts on replacements, etc.). You’ll probably pay less for the maintenance plan and discounted repairs than somebody who pays for AC tune-ups and full-price repairs.

Cost Factor #3: The HVAC contractor you choose

When it comes to AC tune-ups, most HVAC contractors will charge approximately the same price. However, beware of contractors who offer too-good-to-be-true pricing. This normally indicates they’re just looking for an easy profit and may do a sloppy job.

Since the purpose of AC maintenance is to make sure your AC is running well and won’t breakdown soon, you want to hire an experienced contractor that will complete a thorough inspection. While it can be pricier upfront to hire a thorough contractor with more experience, it’s worth it to prevent the risk of a costly breakdown in the future.

To look for a thorough contractor, you want to look at:

  • Their reviews on Better Business Bureau, Yelp or Facebook. Check if their reviews say the contractor is thorough and dependable.
  • Their AC tune-up checklist, which can typically be found on their website. You want to find a contractor that does more than the bare minimum listed under Cost Factor #1.

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An AC tune-up for $99. Our tune-ups include 18-point inspections that go above and beyond Portland General Electric’s minimum standards.

A maintenance plan for $179 the first year and $149 for every year after that. Our comprehensive maintenance plan includes:

  • 15% off filters & replacement
  • Priority scheduling for emergency service calls
  • Pro-active reminders when it's time for maintenance
  • No overtime charges
  • Quickly transfer your maintenance agreement to another home if you move
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