High‑Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) & Heat Pump FAQs From Portland Homeowners

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You can save money on a heat pump installation with HEEHRA.

In this blog, we’ll answer the 10 most common questions we receive from Portland, OR homeowners regarding the landmark High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) and how it affects heat pump installations.

  1. What is HEEHRA?
  2. Can HEEHRA help me save money?
  3. Am I eligible for HEEHRA?
  4. How much money can HEEHRA save me?
  5. Can I stack HEEHRA with federal tax credits?
  6. Can I stack HEEHRA with other incentives?
  7. What should I do if I’m not eligible for HEEHRA?
  8. Is HEEHRA available right now in Portland?
  9. Will HEEHRA apply retroactively to heat pump installations?
  10. Should I install a heat pump before HEEHRA rolls out?

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The High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) is one for the history books, as it’s bundled with the Inflation Reduction Act and will help the U.S. reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over the next 10 years.

HEEHRA makes installing high-efficiency and eco-friendly heat pumps more affordable for homeowners. It will only apply to ENERGY STAR-certified geothermal or air-source heat pump purchases.

Can HEEHRA Help Me Save Money?

Yes! The act covers up to $8,000 in rebates for households that meet eligibility requirements. Since heat pump installations typically cost between $6,000 and $12,000 on average, HEEHRA can essentially cover the entire installation.

Not only will you save on the installation, but you will also save money on energy bills over time because electric heat pumps are more efficient than gas or oil heating systems.

Am I Eligible for HEEHRA?

To be eligible for HEEHRA, you need to currently have a heating system fueled by natural gas, oil, or electric resistance. Households that already have a ducted or ductless heat pump are not eligible.

You must also make below 150% of the area median gross income. According to Portland’s Housing Bureau, the maximum gross income cap eligible for HEEHRA is $191,862. Their minimum gross income cap is $54,150. This range depends on your household size; see the below chart to see where you fall.

Household SizeBelow 80% Area Median IncomeBetween 80-150% Area Median IncomeAbove 150% Area Median Income


Less than $54,150

Between $54,150 and $101,745

Greater than $101,745


Less than $61,900

Between $61,900 and $116,280

Greater than $116,280


Less than $69,650

Between $69,650 and $130,815

Greater than $130,815


Less than $77,350

Between $77,350 and $145,350

Greater than $145,350


Less than $83,550

Between $83,550 and $156,843

Greater than $156,843


Less than $89,750

Between $89,750 and $168,606

Greater than $168,606


Less than $95,950

Between $95,950 and $180,606

Greater than $180,606


Less than $102,150

Between $102,150 and $191,862

Greater than $191,862

How Much Money Can HEEHRA Save Me?

Rewiring America has a savings calculator for eligible homeowners to use to see how much money they could save with HEEHRA.

You can also use the following chart to determine how much you could save on heat pump installations.

Where Do You Fall in the Area Median Income Range?What % of a Heat Pump Installation Cost Will HEEHRA Cover for You?What’s the Maximum $ Amount HEEHRA Will Cover for a Heat Pump Installation for You?

Below 80%



Between 80-150%



Can I Stack HEEHRA With Federal Tax Credits?

Yes! The Inflation Reduction Act includes HEEHRA and the 25C Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credit Program. The 25C tax program allows homeowners to deduct up to 30% of their costs for any qualifying energy-efficiency project or up to $2,000 for heat pump installations. These credits are available starting January 1, 2023 until 2032.

Can I Stack HEEHRA With Other Incentives?

Another part of the Inflation Reduction Act is the Homeowner Managing Energy Savings (HOMES) program, which provides homeowners with rebates of up to $8,000 for qualifying whole-house energy-saving projects. Qualifying projects must help a homeowner reduce their energy consumption by at least 20%.

You can stack HEEHRA with HOMES, but you must choose which program you want to use for the heat pump installation. To use both rebates, you must apply them to different projects.

What Should I Do if I’m Not Eligible For HEEHRA?

If your equipment or income level isn’t eligible for HEEHRA, you can still benefit from other programs that are part of the Inflation Reduction Act. For example, 25C Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credit Program and the Homeowner Managing Energy Savings (HOMES) Rebate Program can help you deduct $2,000 for heat pump installation or receive a rebate of up to $8,000 for energy-saving projects.

You can also use these programs to save money on projects other than heat pump installations.

Is HEEHRA Available Right Now In Portland?

HVAC Industry professionals estimate that Oregon’s State Energy Office and tribes will start rolling out HEEHRA for homeowners in late 2023. Once the funds roll out, they will be available for point-of-sale purchases until September 2031.

Will HEEHRA Apply Retroactively To Heat Pump Installations?

This is up in the air. Once HEEHRA rolls out, the decision to apply the rebate funds to retroactive heat pump installations will depend on Oregon’s State Energy Office.

Should I Install a Heat Pump Before HEEHRA Rolls Out?

It depends. We recommend installing a heat pump now if:

  • You want to reap the benefits of lower energy bills as soon as possible
  • You want to replace both your air conditioner and furnace with a heat pump
  • You need to install an HVAC system to prepare for heatwaves

25C and HOMES can assist you with a heat pump installation’s cost as they will roll out in early 2023. Once HEEHRA rolls out in late 2023, you can use it for electrical panel replacements, wiring upgrades, or other projects.

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