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Heating and Cooling furnace Repair for Home and Business - Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Contractors in the Portland OR areaWhen it comes to the maintenance of central heating systems in Portland, OR having a service professional perform regular system tune-ups is always  in your best interest. HVAC service technicians have the expertise to inspect your central heating system then recommend specific actions that will help maintain and even increase its lifespan.
For trusted heating system service, furnace service, and furnace repair Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning is available to provide a comprehensive diagnosis about the current state of your central heating system. Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning is NATE, PGE, NW Natural, and Energy Trust of Oregon Certified giving you additional peace of mind about the reputations of the business. Furthermore, Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning has many rave reviews on Google and Angie’s List about the high quality furnace services they offer.

Experienced Furnace Service Technicians

There are many types of furnaces with an abundance of manufacturers and models. Regardless of the make, model, or age of your furnace there is a seasoned professional on staff that has the competence to service your particular needs. The reputable professionals on staff are experts in servicing the following types of furnaces:
Gas Furnaces
Electric Furnaces
Duel Fuel Furnaces
Heat Pumps
Ductless Heat Pumps

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Your trusted HVAC technician with Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning will do what is needed to ensure your furnace is running and continues to run without a hitch. Below are some additional tips to help keep your furnace running like clockwork.

  • Professional Routine Inspections: Hiring an HVAC professional to conduct routine system tune-ups is the best way to protect your central heating.
  • Regularly Check for Warm Air: Test your heater and feel for the warm air coming from the vents regularly
  • Regularly Check Pilot Light: Check to make sure the flame is a clear blue. If the flame appears orange or red, that could indicate a problem.
  • Regularly Replace Filters: Change furnace filters every 3 months or as designated by the manufacturer
  • Regularly Scheduled Furnace Cleanings: Clean furnace thoroughly annually
  • Keep Area Around Furnace Clear: Ensure there are no objects blocking vents or the furnace itself
  • Regularly Inspect Thermostat: Inspect thermostat for proper temperature setting

Signs you may need Furnace Repair

If you notice any of the following signs, you are probably in need of experienced furnace service and repair:

  • Gas Smell: Should you notice the smell of gas, call Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning for emergency repair services
  • Noisy Furnace: Although furnaces do make noise, should it become especially noisy get it inspected ASAP
  • Unable to Raise Temperature: If your efforts to raise the temperature are in vain, it could be time for a new thermostat
  • Increasing Energy Bills: If you are paying more than usual for electricity, that could mean trouble for your furnace
  • Yellow, Orange, or Red Flame: The flame should always be blue, should it appear as any other color, call a professional for service
  • Poor Air Quality: A poorly functioning furnace can significantly decrease your indoor air quality
  • Frequent Furnace Repairs: If your furnace continues to fail despite professional service repairs, it may be time to get a new one

Why Choose Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Furnace Repair & Service?

As leading specialists in furnace service and furnace repair serving the greater Portland, OR area, Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning has built a reputation for quality work and affordable prices. With fully-stocked work vans equipped with uniformed professionals, Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning is ready and waiting to serve your furnace service and furnace repair needs. Call or email today for more information or to schedule an appointment. The following greater Portland, OR areas are proudly served: