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Many homeowners are turning to heat pumps as the source of their home’s heating and air conditioning needs. These units bring a number of benefits. The biggest advantage is that they can be used for both heating and cooling. At the touch of a button, a room will be able to reach a comfortable temperature. When the weather is cold, these systems transfer cool air out and warm air into a home, and they perform the opposite operation on warm summer days. There are many other reasons why heat pumps are popular.

A heat pump can save a great deal of money on utility bills. Since it is extremely energy efficient, it requires less running time, which places money back into a homeowner’s wallet that they would otherwise have paid to the utility company.

Environmentally Friendly Heating & Cooling

Unlike other systems, heat pumps do not generate smoke or other pollution that fills the air. Gas units may emit fumes. Heat pumps contain filters that clean and purify the air. This prevents dust, mold spores, smoke, and other particles from being inhaled, which is especially important to people with allergies or individuals who suffer from asthma.

Wood burners use combustion during the heating process. This results in smoke, soot, and odors. All of these items cause carbon emissions that are bad for the environment. Since a heat pump does not burn anything, it has a low carbon footprint. Also, new products are being developed with R410A, an eco-friendly refrigerant.

During summer months, a heat pump is used for cooling purposes. Besides lowering a room’s temperature, humidity is decreased. When warm air circulates through the pump, moisture forms on the coil and drains outside. In cold winter months, the heat pump stops condensation from forming on cold surfaces as well.

Programmable Heat Pump System Installation

Some other heating systems involve flames or hot surfaces that may cause burns or other injuries, especially in homes with pets or children. A heat pump remains cool to the touch and can keep running while residents sleep. For your convenience, Four Seasons Heating and Cooling offers a programmable unit that heats and cools a room at specified times depending on your desired temperature.

Four Seasons provides installation and maintenance services that are completed with integrity. Also, we offer top quality heat pumps and other HVAC products that keep homes safe and comfortable throughout the year.  Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning services the Newberg, Oregon City, Hillsboro, and Portland OR metro areas, call us today.


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